The Schley County Courthouse in Ellaville is currently undergoing a renovation of its downstairs area. This area includes three offices and also the rotunda with a wall to be designated as the "Memorial and Honor Wall." Click here for more........

Schley County and its county seat of Ellaville located in the Southwestern part of Georgia with and because of its people from all walks of life have been in existence for over 150 years. What we have today is the results of all these different people and families and their contributions to the area. The History of Schley County, Georgia was published by The Schley County Preservation Society in 1982.The results of much hard work by many produced a major accounting of the years past in Schley County and the City of Ellaville. The Ellaville / Schley County Historical Society, Inc. has been created to further the cause of researching and updating this recorded history. Not to diminish the previous work but that compilation has stirred memories and thoughts thus generating information that was not included in the 1982 printing. In some cases, material did not reach the publisher and was not included in that publication. History itself does not change however what is known and recorded does. It is important that the work of the Ellaville / Schley County Historical Society, Inc. become a perpetual process so that the information compiled is as complete as possible and reflecting what is currently known.

A forum is provided (see menu above) on this site for purposes of submission and/or discussion of information pertinent to the area history previously recorded or updates to that history.

Even if you do not live in Ellaville/Schley County we encourage you to fill out an application form and join the Ellaville / Schley County Historical Society, Inc if you are a previous resident, current resident, relative of a previous or current resident or are just interested in the history of the area. A link to a printable membership application form is provided below.

The Ellaville / Schley County Historical Society, Inc. is looking to collect copies of pictures, deeds, wills, checks, special letters or any other documents associated with the history of Ellaville and Schley County. Please send copies only. Copies can include hard copies or files such as MSWord, PDF and jpg or gif image files.

Please send hard copies to: Ellaville / Schley County Historical Society, Inc. P.O. Box 175 Ellaville, GA 31806

Please forward electronic files to: submitdocuments@ellavilleschleycountyhistory.com.

Please volunteer if you would like to participate as a member of one or several committees already formed and listed on this site. Click on the committee button in the menu above.


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